La Cúpula

1997 - 2017

Avenida de Mayo at Plaza Congresso

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Joe Petrisko:...And your permitting me to leave clothing there instead of dragging the same items back & forth every year came in VERY handy in lightening the luggage load as well as giving me a head start for my permanent move here.

I fondly remember watching from the dance studio window the protest processions passing from the Casa Rosada to the Congreso like some sort of festive parade. It was the first time in my life that I saw that protests did not necessarily need to involve the violence which seems a part of so many such functions in the U.S. I shall always as well remember your encargado (Daniel was his name?) & your cleaning lady Delfa (hope she found another job). And the Plaza del Carmen restaurant (across from the Congreso) which was my dining room is now, alas, long gone, as well as its sister branch in Palermo. I will ALWAYS remember returning from a milonga such as Niño Bien at 2 or 3 am & going directly there for a late-night dinner. The old guy who ran the newspaper stand there used to bring in to me at my table The Buenos Aires Herald whenever it arrived - what service!! I never ceased to be impressed with the wait staff who, after seeing me for only two & a half weeks, immediately recognized & welcomed me back the next year - almost as if I had never left. I was very impressed with that.

It certainly is a shame that your era with the Cúpula has come to an end. Life, however, often does not ask our permission for certain events. Your place was a marvelous gateway to Buenos Aires. We all owe you a tremendous round of thanks & appreciation for the service you offered not only to the tango community, but to Buenos Aires itself. So many of us came to know & love this city through the Cúpula. Again, thank you very much.