Portraits of People

Jawaharlal Nehru – 1955, with lion cubs; also photos feeding panda

John Huston – India, 1955, riding an elephant

Maharaja Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar of Mysore who invited Ylla to visit India – 1954, plus photos of many public, private & family scenes

Pierre Durand-Ruel – Kenya, 1952, Ylla's companion; the prestigious Durand-Ruel gallery, Paris/New York, is widely credited with having created the careers of the Impressionists and for establishing their popularity in the United States. Pierre financed Ylla's trip to Africa.

Jacques Prévert – Saint-Paul de Vence, summer 1948; wrote the text for Le Petit Lion, 1947 and Des Bêtes..., 1950; Alexandre Trauner standing in background

Varian Fry with Max Ernst, Jacqueline Lamba Breton, André Masson, and André Breton – Centre Américain de Secours (American Relief Center), Marseille, February 1941

Wifredo Lam – Cuba, 1947, with "Bélial, Empereur des Mouches" ("Belial, Lord of the Flies"), completed in 1948

Count Mihály Károlyi (Michael Karolyi) – Paris, ca. 1933; Count Károlyi was the first President of the Hungarian Democratic Republic, 1918-1919

Arthur Koestler with his dog Sabby – Paris suburbs, ca. 1948; author of Darkness at Noon, The Thirteenth Tribe...

Ernö Goldfinger, architect, sitting with heliometer – Paris, 1933

Maharaja Brijendra Singh of Bharatpur (where Ylla died) – Bharatpur, India, 1955

Dennis Conan Doyle (son of Arthur Conan Doyle) – with wife Nina Mdivani, India, 1954

Mura Dehn, jazz dancer & jazz dance film maker – New York, ca. 1950

Benjamin Péret, poet, Surrealist, Dadaist, with his wife Remedios Varo, surrealist painter, Victor Serge, Russian revolutionary, and André Breton – Villa Air-Bel, Marseille, March 1941


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